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The owner and founder of a family law firm I worked for used to say, “always start with the beginning in mind. Although this advice may seem obvious, it is easy to get lost in complex legal matters.
For corporate/business attorneys and commercial litigators, this means to always start with the individual business owner or business owners and their business or businesses first.
Fortunately for commercial litigators, they are finding countless legal problems with the core or beginning of businesses, making litigation much easier.
This is because the greatest thing to happen for commercial litigators and the worst thing to happen to business/corporate attorneys is the ability for business owners to easily start businesses on their own through online vendors, CPAs, their friends, or themselves. It has created a situation where there are countless legal errors being made increasing the need for litigators.
In the past, the greatest defender of a business was the business/corporate attorney, making it extremely painful for litigators to gain transaction. Now, we are up against templates pumped out to thousands or millions with the same language from online vendors, CPAs who are not licensed to defend you, you, or your friend.
It’s like an adult pro boxer going against a child.
My advice is to pay a business law attorney to help you understand what you do not know. They are the only true defenders of businesses out there, with the ability to help you sidestep more legal problems than you may be able to imagine such as owner issues, employees issues, contractor issues, insurance issues etc…
Do you think you are unique, because the owners you work with all started as friends?
Do you think you are the greatest on earth at vetting employees?
Do you think contractors all want to treat you fairly, because you looked at each other in the eyes and made a handshake deal?
Do you think your insurance wants to pay you for a problem?
Although this message may seem harsh, it comes from a good place. I am paid much more in commercial litigation than I am for telling you to work on your legal protection. Protect yourself, you have no idea how strong some of these litigators are.
I wish an attorney gave me this advice when I started my first business.

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