I am here
to assist

I take a comprehensive approach to business law. Rather than helping clients with isolated legal issues, I recommend comprehensive plans to my clients to ensure they are thinking about their legal picture as a whole. I often compare my approach to business law like a mechanic evaluating a vehicle. A vehicle may look great on the outside, but you never quite know what you have and what needs work until you look under the hood. I look under the hood of my client’s businesses to ensure they are protected.

When it comes to estate planning, I strive to keep my clients out of court and out of conflict. I offer comprehensive plans and complete evaluations with my clients every three years to ensure critical updates are made for a lifetime. A well-thought-out and strong estate plan is an incredible gift for any family.

My objective is to keep my clients out of court and out of conflict, however, occasionally litigation is necessary. In the event I must litigate on behalf of a client I strive to win and will accept nothing less than victory.

I Will Help You Every Step Of The Way