Do you need a business law attorney to act as your outside legal counsel?

Do you need a business law attorney to act as your outside legal counsel, providing you with clear steps that you should be taking to develop a strong legal structure for your business?

Many businesses cannot afford to hire an attorney full-time as in-house counsel or if they can, they simply do not understand how to use an attorney effectively.  As a result, these businesses generally do not invest in a business until it is too late and by that point they are in a costly reactive stance with a civil litigator/trial attorney. This is because most business owners have not attended law school, taken the bar exam, or worked as attorneys. I have found that they generally know about some key areas of the law applicable to their industry, but they are unable to effectively see the big picture. This makes sense, because it is not their job.

As a result, I have developed three affordable outside counsel packages for businesses looking for an attorney to help build a strong legal structure. I work with business owners or their leadership teams on a monthly basis to review their current situation, take curative measures if necessary, and layout and work on a big picture legal plan to protect them from numerous threats.

I will help you take the guess work out of the process. Rather than relying on your COO, CFO, CEO, compliance rep, buddy who is an attorney, and various google searches to answer your legal questions, I will be there to ensure your questions are answered correctly.

Let’s work together to build a solid plan. It’s a marathon and not a sprint. You have time to prepare for a possible legal war while you are not experiencing a legal attack. Let’s use that time effectively, because once you and your business are under attack without a plan or a poor plan it will be too late.

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