Civil Litigation

Initial Considerations

Litigation can be a risky endeavor for both families and businesses. In some cases it can take years to come to a resolution and this can be emotionally, physically, and financially draining. 


For these reasons,  I generally recommend taking preemptive measures prior to filing an original petition (Texas) or a complaint (Missouri). An original petition or a complaint initiates a lawsuit.

Preemptive Measures

Have you ever heard the saying, “what starts well, ends well?” This is generally true when it comes to keeping your family and business out of court and out of controversy as long as you are covering all of your bases in between.  Here are the preemptive measures I propose initially to stay out of court and out of controversy. 


  • Estate Planning: Develop a well thought out and comprehensive estate plan. Take your time to truly ensure your affairs are in order and meet with me on a regular basis to update your plan.


  • Business Law: Develop a well-thought-out and comprehensive business plan. Take time to truly ensure that you have selected the correct entity, are within compliance, are taking advantage of tax benefits, and are prepared in the event you are sued.

Mediation and Litigation

As a former combat platoon leader and company commander, planning and winning has been embedded into my DNA. No one can predict the outcome of a trial, but I can tell you that I will relentlessly fight for you, your family, and your business with every tool available to me. I keep my litigation case load low, so that I can ensure I am focused on developing and executing a successful strategy.

I Will Help You Every Step Of The Way